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Clever Intelligence

"Pratical Perfectionists"

"Practical Perfectionists" are strong willed, self-assured, and well-informed strategizers. They know in what areas they are excellent and in which areas they are not. Consequently, they don't hesitate to let others know which areas are which. Since perfection is seldom practical, these people yield to the practical while desiring and attempting perfection.

All new ideas are exciting and are to be entertained. Nothing is too fanciful if it can be made useful. "Does it work and what is the back-up idea if it doesn't" are the questions "Practical Perfectionist" ask. Their heroes are the wizards and the sages of literature and life. They are superb at analysis, strategizing, (creating contingency plans, organizing and then directing others relative to the plan.

Existing organizations make perfect playgrounds. There is no business or group that can't be better organized, more efficient, or more effective. After the brainstorming and mastermind session is over, this type will work tirelessly and even ruthlessly with others to see that the new ideas are implemented. The drive for perfection needs to be met by everyone else involved. If the "boss" doesn't show the proper intelligence or dedication, s/he is as likely to receive the reprimand as would a common laborer. Perfectionist by nature, they require a degree of perfectionism in others, too.

In personal relationships the "Practical Perfectionist" may not catch on to the small talk and flirtations, since such playfulness is not logical or functional to them. They would opt for a more direct, definitive, reasonable and logical conversation. The confidence born of depth-of-skill, so natural to these people in business and technical areas, is often elusive in close personal relationships. This personality style will work hard to perfect the relationship, on the other person's terms, if necessary.


Management Secrets

  How To Approach
  • Allow high entrepreneurial skills.
  • Include these words:
    • "New"
    • "Knowledge"
    • "Excellence"
  • Offer a mentally challenging environment that rewards competence.
  •   Individualized Reward
  • Challenging assignment.
  • Gift certificate at
  • Paid quality Continuing Education.
  • Subscription to business journals.
  •   Want From Work
  • Change, in the form of new technology, people, toys, or assignments is considered a positive challenge by them.
  • Independence in developing and controlling a project.
  • Knowledge is a key perk.
  • They want to be excellent at every thing they are asked to do.
  • They want to learn something new every day.
  •   Criteria Of Perfect Job
  • Autonomy freedom to work at their own pace
  • Competent, capable others with whom to work.
  • Intellectual stimulation constant stimulation for the mind
  • The perfect job would have these characteristics:
  • Variety change by the day and by the hour
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