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Friendly Visionary

"Theoretical Perfectionists"

Since the interpretation of the world comes from within, "Theoretical Perfectionists" can imagine a rosy future for everyone. They find the good in everyone and everything. They strive tirelessly to combat the dark side of humanity.

"Imaginary Perfectionists" are often found in religion-related vocations and avocations. They are often teachers of the young or seemingly oppressed. They enjoy helping others to recognize and realize their full potential. Patience with complex people or tasks is a hallmark trait. Inspired when working a job they believe in, they become devoted to related duties and obligations.

If there are imperfections in the world, this group may well look within themselves to find the source of the incompetence or failed expectation. They sense that their wishes may not always be realistic or logical. Putting off a decision may prolong the need to recognize the imperfections of life. Procrastinated decisions are common. Since day planners don't allow for the time required for perfection, nor do they allow for an interruption caused by the need to rescue a person, day planners may have limited value for this group.


Management Secrets

  How To Approach
  • Provide a people-centered, non-biased, environment.
  • Provide ample opportunities for their own personal development and new ways for them to help people.
  • Treat them as the natural leaders that they are.
  •   Individualized Reward
  • Feature person in training info or film.
  • Letter of recognition (personally delivered).
  • Massage, facial, or manicure.
  • Restaurant certificate - for four people.
  •   Want From Work
  • They are careful to do the "right" thing - they want to be known for their integrity .
  • They want a cooperative group with which to work.
  • They want to be authentic or real in all relationships.
  • They want to enjoy daily changes in the workplace.
  • They want to function in the future.
  • They want to understand and connect with other people.
  •   Criteria Of Perfect Job
  • Democratic self-rule allows them to experiment with ideas.
  • Their work needs to be personally meaningful.
  • There are harmonious and humanistic relationships in the workplace.
  • They want to be involved with teaching new ideas.
  • They want to reach out and help others.
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    Yellow Group

    Defender of Truth and Rights
    Green Group

    Creative Users of Tools
    1. Social Facilitators
    5. Traditional Mangers
    9. Selfless Servants
    13. Dutiful Inspectors
    2. Social Illustrators
    6. Completitive Users of Tools
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    Blue Group

    Friendly Visionary
    Red Group

    Clever Intelligence
    3. Personal Developers
    7. People Motivators
    11. Empathetic Inspiration
    15.Theoretical Perfectionists
    4. Planed Directions
    8. Verbal Enterpreneurs
    12. Pratical Perfectionists
    16. Ingenious Organizers