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Clever Intelligence

"Ingenious Organizers"

Mathematics, human languages, computer languages or any complex system that can be understood and organized are the domain of this group. "Ingenious Organizers" are self-directed. The quest is to know as much as possible, be as competent as possible, and to reorganize the information to its most proficient and excellent level. Since they function well without a group of people, they are often seen as indifferent. They simply don't confront anyone because they are too busy with their thoughts. From their point of view, almost everyone is less competent so, when a less educated idea is expressed, "Ingenious Organizers" will correct the other person and defend their own concept.

Demanding perfection, or at least total competence of themselves, these people have an unspoken sense of inadequacy. To ask them "Why" they did it a certain way is to challenge their intelligence. "What" and "How" questions offer an opportunity for "Ingenious Organizers" to explain their brilliance. That an alternative solution exists, based upon some currently unseen or unknown information, is a given. They are curious to discover the new truth and to reorganize everything based upon it. However, the cost will be that their previously held truth will be shown to be less perfect than previously thought.

Word games, brainteasers, seemingly unsolvable computer problems are the recreational domain of this personality style. They can organize the laws of the universe, the types of personalities of people, the languages of computer software or any other complexity.


Management Secrets

  How To Approach
  • Allow high entrepreneurial skills.
  • Include these words:
    • "New"
    • "Knowledge"
    • "Excellence"
  • Offer a mentally challenging environment that rewards competence.
  •   Individualized Reward
  • Challenging assignment.
  • Gift certificate at
  • Paid quality Continuing Education.
  • Subscription to business journals.
  •   Want From Work
  • Change, in the form of new technology, people, toys, or assignments is considered a positive challenge by them.
  • Independence in developing and controlling a project.
  • Knowledge is a key perk.
  • They want to be excellent at every thing they are asked to do.
  • They want to learn something new every day.
  •   Criteria Of Perfect Job
  • Autonomy freedom to work at their own pace
  • Competent, capable others with whom to work.
  • Intellectual stimulation constant stimulation for the mind
  • The perfect job would have these characteristics:
  • Variety change by the day and by the hour
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