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Creative Users of Tools

"Social Illustrators"

"Social Illustrators" are people people, full of genuine interest in others. They are one of the most colorful and sociable of all personality types. They make great hosts and hostesses -everyone is invited! You can usually find them in a crowd, the center of lively, warm conversation and stories.

They love spontaneous activities. If it's a new gadget, they want one. They're attracted to things that stimulate the senses like the arts and entertainment. They enjoy the stimulation of travel, seeing new places and new people. If you leave them alone for a period of time, they'll likely get bored quickly.

Social Illustrators make fun-loving friends and co-workers without hidden agendas and they rarely do anything to purposely hurt another. They are completely capable of juggling several tasks at the same time j- it's second nature to them. Often it is the merely being involved that attracts these people rather than the actual completion of the task.

At the office, if you ask them how their weekend was they'll likely take 20 minutes telling you about it.

They have a tendency to procrastinate some of the mundane in favor of what is more timulating for the moment. They are likely to stop whatever they are doing at the drop of a hat to help out a friend in need.


Relationship Secrets

  Motivated By
  • Cooperation.
  • Enjoyment of action.
  • Freedom.
  • Immediate rewards.
  • Service to others.
  • Spontaneity.
  •   Relationship Hints
  • Be patient with them.
  • Don't overload them with a lot of rules and regulations.
  • Give them plenty of space to do their thing at their own pace.
  • Let them go through whatever experiences they choose.
  • Respect this person's point of view - they love to talk. Listen with empathy.
  •   Communication Hints
  • Ask questions and then allow them the opportunity to speak their minds without rushing to (judgment. Listen with empathy.
  • Be open and straight-forward with them but never overbearing. Offer plenty of options.
  • Be prepared to provide practical, real-life applications of ideas.
  • Present ideas/thoughts in a friendly, cooperative manner while demonstrating the benefits for both the group and individual.
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