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Friendly Visionary

"Personal Developers"

Personal magic and magnetic charm make "Personal Developers" natural leaders, teachers and salespeople. The future is bright, positive and full of potential. People are the center of their attention. They focus their energies on improving themselves and especially on improving the situation or opportunities of others. They can often be found helping others, who, for one reason or another aren't able to see the big picture of life and all the opportunities that abound.

Every subject may be interesting to them. They can and want to see the whole picture and to explain it to others. Regardless of the subject, they become the organizers and motivators of the people within any group.

They are often found occupying their time in educational pursuits, especially in higher education where they feel free in expressing their own beliefs and theories.

Making decisions, especially with the group 4n mind, comes easily and naturally. The decision could be altered to promote harmony. These folks probably have a day planner, but nothing is written in stone. An interruption by a person or even a new thought may well outweigh the importance of a previous appointment or to-do item written in the day planner.

Inherently honest and trusting, they may be at risk for having their feelings hurt or being taken advantage of by someone less careful of feelings or less honest. They often overextend themselves to meet the needs of others while neglecting self and those close to them.


Management Secrets

  How To Approach
  • Provide a people-centered, non-biased, environment.
  • Provide ample opportunities for their own personal development and new ways for them to help people.
  • Treat them as the natural leaders that they are.
  •   Individualized Reward
  • Feature person in training info or film.
  • Letter of recognition (personally delivered).
  • Massage, facial, or manicure.
  • Restaurant certificate - for four people.
  •   Want From Work
  • They are careful to do the "right" thing - they want to be known for their integrity .
  • They want a cooperative group with which to work.
  • They want to be authentic or real in all relationships.
  • They want to enjoy daily changes in the workplace.
  • They want to function in the future.
  • They want to understand and connect with other people.
  •   Criteria Of Perfect Job
  • Democratic self-rule allows them to experiment with ideas.
  • Their work needs to be personally meaningful.
  • There are harmonious and humanistic relationships in the workplace.
  • They want to be involved with teaching new ideas.
  • They want to reach out and help others.
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