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Clever Intelligence

"Planed Directions"

It is not an exaggeration when "Planned Directors" tell it, because they know it can be done and they have the plan to do it. Their natural charisma involve the necessary others and move on the plan. Creativity in analyzing the situation is matched only by their determination and ability to get others to go along. This could take the form of a judge whose knowledge of the law is so profound that his decision can't be challenged or take the form of a salesman whose intensity is so strong refusing him is futile. It is easier to go along.

"Planned Directors" make decisions quickly and firmly. They are self-directed and are usually in charge of others. They make visionary, competent leaders of business or any other endeavor they feel is worthy of their energy. They do not hesitate to deploy the forces, as they perceive necessary or best.

Their complete clarity of convictions makes them unyielding in debate or discussion. The ideas and plans take on such importance that people and feelings can become of secondary importance. Incompetence on anyone's part, including their own, will not be tolerated.

New, dynamic sensing of how things work or should work is a hallmark trait. They want to be in charge or in control, primarily because they have the best idea of how the goal should be accomplished. The practicality of the answer may be secondary to the novelty of the approach, however.

Passionate about their ideas to the point of melodrama "Planned Directors" are true romantics. They involve themselves to the hilt, and they are usually very good at mobilizing others to the same level of involvement. Some pawns may need to be sacrificed to protect the king idea and to assure the victory. Too bad. Success, excellence, perfection, big money - all ustify the price.


Relationship Secrets

  Motivated By
  • Allow them to be the teacher/instructor.
  • Control.
  • Don't expect a lot of outward expressions of warmth.
  • Freedom to implement their ideas.
  • Let them be in charge -- resisting is often futile.
  • Mental stimulation and challenges.
  • New or additional knowledge.
  • Respect their competence.
  • Respect their independence.
  •   Relationship Hints
  • Allow them to be the teacher/instructor.
  • Don't expect a lot of outward expressions of warmth.
  • Let them be in charge -- resisting is often futile.
  • Respect their competence.
  • Respect their independence.
  •   Communication Hints
  • Avoid meaningless chit chat.
  • Be extremely well-prepared.
  • Be logical in your verbal presentation.
  • Competence is an absolute must.
  • Don't be afraid of providing new possibilities and ideas.
  • Mentally challenge their competent minds.
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