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Defender of Truth and Rights

"Traditional Mangers"

"Traditional Managers" are often attached to tradition and are comfortable enforcing established rules and procedures. They make excellent managers and corporate officers. Their personalities make them comfortable organizing people to work in the most logical, efficient ways and they tend to seek out like-minded individuals.

Birthdays, holidays and other annual celebrations are of great importance to "Traditional Managers." Civic and church groups often play an important role in their lives. Reunions and funerals are attended if at all possible.

Decisiveness is a well-developed trait of this personality style. They aren't afraid to stand up, take charge, and make the tough calls. This ability stems from their having an arsenal of past experience, data and authoritative sources on which to rely. This armory is often a valuable asset in the world of business and when they are asked to carry out a task entrusted to them by others. If you ask these people to do something, it is done in a no-nonsense, matter-of-fact manner. They are usually appreciated by upper management or owners of businesses -- if they don't own the business themselves - and are counted on to come through in difficult situations.

"Traditional Managers" are practical and bottom line oriented, so they can become impatient with those who don't follow established procedures or who don't pay attention to details. However, sometimes their need to complete a task can cause them to rush into action without first gathering all of the pertinent information.

They are likely to be outspoken with their opinions, unafraid to tell the world "what's what" and "how it is."

Once they've made up their minds about something it's nearly set in stone and they sometimes appear to run over people when in pursuit of their own goals.


Relationship Secrets

  Motivated By
  • Belonging.
  • Cooperation.
  • Reliability.
  • Security.
  • Stability.
  • The need to serve others.
  •   Relationship Hints
  • Be dependable. Make every effort possible to follow through with commitments made to this type of person.
  • Outwardly recognize their efforts and give plenty of positive feedback. Express appreciation for their ability and willingness to help.
  • Respect this person's point of view - listen with empathy.
  •   Communication Hints
  • Be logical and follow a step-by-step process in communication. Be prepared to provide practical, real-life applications of ideas.
  • Present a clear-cut outline of what is expected. Avoid being vague or using generalities.
  • Present ideas/thoughts in a friendly, cooperative manner while demonstrating the benefits for both the group and individual.
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