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Clever Intelligence

"Verbal Enterpreneurs"

An insatiable quest for knowledge, coupled with endless inventiveness, enable "Verbal Entrepreneurs" to create systems and organizations that are more effective and efficient. They may even coin new words to describe their ideas because most are very verbal and it is in this area that they seem the cleverest. They enjoy a good mental challenge such as a debate. They make articulate politicians but probably would prefer to be a political coach instead. They prefer to consult rather than manage or do (since "manage" and "do" get to be too redundant and boring.) They require a new challenge or learning opportunity several times a day.

Verbal Entrepreneurs enjoy toys ~ expensive and complex ones. The newest computer system, the newest surgical instruments and diagnostic software, or the newest virtual communications systems are their idea of fun. As soon as the toy is mastered they're on to a new idea. Actually, these people don't master things. They settle for competence because mastery takes too long and requires too much attention to details.

They love to demonstrate their skills in front of an audience. In fact, serving as their audience is one of the best uses of people that they can think of. They would love to demonstrate the newest surgical technique and answer any questions, but then someone else would need to close the wound and do the paperwork for the patient. Details are very important as they relate to newer and higher laws or truths. Details, as they relate to redundant insurance or government forms, are not worth the time they take. Expediency is everything.

Stress and crises are handled with quick thinking, quick decisions and quick reorganization. Chess with a timer is perfect fun. Stress caused by past-due forms or nagging ittle problems cause major upset and even withdrawal.

Intelligent, deep, yet diversified, competent and verbally quick, these folks do very well n groups, becoming the informal leader. But they may be too complex in their actions and in their verbal presentations for many people.


Relationship Secrets

  Motivated By
  • Allow them to be the teacher/instructor.
  • Control.
  • Don't expect a lot of outward expressions of warmth.
  • Freedom to implement their ideas.
  • Let them be in charge -- resisting is often futile.
  • Mental stimulation and challenges.
  • New or additional knowledge.
  • Respect their competence.
  • Respect their independence.
  •   Relationship Hints
  • Allow them to be the teacher/instructor.
  • Don't expect a lot of outward expressions of warmth.
  • Let them be in charge -- resisting is often futile.
  • Respect their competence.
  • Respect their independence.
  •   Communication Hints
  • Avoid meaningless chit chat.
  • Be extremely well-prepared.
  • Be logical in your verbal presentation.
  • Competence is an absolute must.
  • Don't be afraid of providing new possibilities and ideas.
  • Mentally challenge their competent minds.
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