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Defender of Truth and Rights

"Selfless Servants"

Dependability, reliability and a strong work ethic are hallmarks of this personality type. However, these skills can be overlooked and even taken advantage of by others. This is because, by nature, "Selfless Servants" avoid drawing attention to themselves. It would be highly unusual for them to toot their own horn about their accomplishments or the compassionate service they so often render. Ironically, they may become puzzled after devoting themselves to a task or cause without receiving deserved recognition.

Because of this lack of deserved recognition, they may also underestimate their worth. They are likely to question over and over in their minds whether their efforts were adequate to meet the needs of those whom they try to please in business and personal relationships.

Those close to this personality style may often wonder why they don't simply "stand up for themselves" and ask for what they deserve. But because they shy away from confrontation, they will do everything possible to avoid conflict even if it means giving up something on their part.

They make loyal employees and devote themselves wholeheartedly to causes that are n alignment with their deeply held values. They are likely to develop strong, personal relationships. These relationships are relatively few, however, outside family circles. Within family circles these relationships are warm and intimate. Selfless Servants make wonderfully reliable, devoted friends and spouses.


Management Secrets

  How To Approach
  • They desire group membership - belonging.
  • They must sense security and structure.
  • Today, not tomorrow, is the important day.
  •   Individualized Reward
  • A plaque or trophy displayed publicly.
  • Birthday card, cake and recognition Letter of recognition (personally delivered).
  • Restaurant certificate - for two people.
  •   Want From Work
  • They are careful to do the "right" thing - they want an environment that supports that choice.
  • They want a cooperative group with which to work.
  • They want stability in the workplace: - assignment types - associates
  • They want to be of service and be recognized for the service.
  • They want to belong.
  • They want to function in the "here and now".
  •   Criteria Of Perfect Job
  • Rewards are public, obvious and consistent.
  • The "status quo" is maintained with very little change from day to day.
  • There are very well defined regulations and requirements.
  • There is an absolute chain of command.
  • They want to be given responsibility and the opportunity to show that they are dependable, reliable and predictable.
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