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User Name: Khuhan
Test Date: Aug 21 2023 9:05PM
Test Result: Yellow Group. Social Facilitators



Defender of Truth and Rights

"Social Facilitators"

"Social Facilitators" have an uncanny ability to approach others and make friends with ease. This is because of their ability to see others' needs and their willingness to be of service. They often remember names even after just one meeting.

Because of these attributes, they make wonderful hosts and hostesses. If given the choice, they enjoy being in charge of social functions. They don't mind delegating to get the job done and pay great attention to detail. All of these things are done while striving for unity of the group. If disharmony occurs, they are likely to blame themselves and take the situation personally. "Social Facilitators" can be easily wounded.

Nurturing and upholding established tradition is important to this group. Civic groups, schools, and religious organizations often benefit from their organizational skills. Often their service comes in the form of taking charge of meetings in a friendly, yet down to business manner. They possess excellent communication skills and can be comfortable behind the microphone or in front of an audience orchestrating just about any meeting.

Dependability and reliability is their creed. "Social Facilitators" generally see things as right or wrong, black or white. This causes great stress at times when trying to make decisions or resolving conflicts with others especially those closest to them. They struggle between their need to be true to their inner values while being sensitive to other people's feelings. This can become a very interesting battle within the mind of these people. The struggle of figuring out the right thing to do can cause a delay in action, thus further frustrating the situation because of their natural need to get problems resolved quickly to allow them to move onto the next task at hand. Ultimately, prudence prevails, and they end up doing what they feel is right while trying to help others feel good about the decision.


Personal Secrets

  • Are usually very thorough in their work.
  • Have a knack of being in touch with the real world and sensitive to needs of others.
  • Have great ability to carry out instructions.
  • Very dependable employees & co-workers.
  • Very hospitable Make very loyal friends and spouses.
  • Well organized and good team players.
  •   Weaknesses
  • Can be critical of those closest to them.
  • Feelings may be easily hurt.
  • May be short sighted, unable to see the big picture.
  • Needs proof before moving into action.
  • Reluctant to change.
  • Vulnerable to despair and gloom.
  •   Suitable Jobs
    • account executive
    • alcohol-drug counselor
    • assistant dentist dietitian
    • athletic coach bilingual
    • attendant funeral
    • banker
    • counselor customer
    • director home health aid
    • economics teacher
    • ed. teacher child care
    • elementary teacher
    • ed. teacher child care
    • elementary teacher
    • family physician flight
    • human resources
    • insurance agent
    • LPN
    • massage therapist
    • medical assistant
    • medical secretary
    • merchandise planner
    • minister
    • merchandise planner
    • minister
    • nurse
    • nutritionist
    • office manager
    • optician
    • optometrist
    • paralegal personal
    • provider counselor credit
    • services rep dental

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