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User Name: Mr. Fuks
Test Date: Sep 7 2023 10:18AM
Test Result: Blue Group. Empathetic Inspiration



Friendly Visionary

"Empathetic Inspiration"

"Empathetic Inspiration" perfectly describes this personality. They have deep personal convictions about the important matters of life. They champion and support the underdog or the downtrodden. After a crisis, they are on the scene helping as needed. They can become activists - for a cause. Even so, they are there for the cause -- not because they wish to draw attention to themselves.

Intuitive insight into the motivations of others is common to "Empathetic Inspiration." The action that they take in the event of trauma or problems for others may be a well-written attack on the injustices and/or an inspirational paper to help the afflicted.

This group is able to understand abstract theory. They implement new information creatively. The resultant organization is of and for the people rather than a mere mechanical physical restructuring.

These people are catalysts for positive change. They often work well with others on a one-to-one basis. They require thorough preparation of themselves and are good at thinking up workable alternatives to problems and opportunities.


Personal Secrets

  • Can sense the motives and desires of others.
  • Creative problem solvers.
  • Have great ability to motivate and inspire others.
  • Have highly developed interpersonal skills.
  • Possess great ability to teach others.
  • Will go to great lengths to protect friends.
  •   Weaknesses
  • Feelings may be easily hurt.
  • May be over emotional.
  • May not complete the task.
  • May too often carry the burdens of others on their own shoulders.
  • Moody.
  • Tend to idealize relationships.
  •   Suitable Jobs
    • account executive
    • advertising executive
    • alcohol-drug counselor
    • audiologist
    • bilingual ed. teacher
    • business executive
    • career counselor
    • child welfare worker
    • clergy
    • college professor
    • communications
    • dean of students
    • dietitian
    • early ed. teacher
    • editor of magazine
    • employment counselor
    • editor of magazine
    • employment counselor
    • entertainer or artist
    • facilitator
    • fund-raiser
    • graphic designer
    • holistic health
    • housing director
    • interpreter
    • ministry
    • newscaster
    • nonprofit organization
    • nutritionist
    • occupational therapist
    • personal counselor
    • politician
    • personal counselor
    • politician
    • program designer
    • psychologist
    • public relations
    • recreational director
    • recruiter
    • sales manager
    • sales trainer
    • social worker
    • special ed teacher
    • speech pathologist
    • teacher - health (art)
    • travel agent
    • TV producer
    • writer or journalist

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