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User Name: Unknown
Test Date: Sep 7 2023 10:05AM
Test Result: Yellow Group. Dutiful Inspectors



Defender of Truth and Rights

"Dutiful Inspectors"

Set your clock by "Dutiful Inspectors." Punctuality and precision are a way of life day in and day out for this personality type. They have the ability to carry out directions down to the letter.

They prefer doing their thing alone without someone looking over their shoulder. Doing so would be a total waste of time anyway because they are so very reliable and dependable. "Dutiful Inspectors" also have great abilities to concentrate for long periods of time. They perform well in tedious jobs that demand exactness and patience. They are excellent at remembering facts and figures.

They are at home in a structured, stable environment where procedures are in place. They resist change and things without proven track records. If change in policy or procedure becomes necessary they can be among the last to implement such changes especially if they do not agree with the change. If a new tool or computer program shows up at work, they are likely to let someone else work out the bugs first before jumping on the band-wagon. This strategy allows them to learn at someone else's expense while they continue at their production level.

Perhaps their most noteworthy characteristic is their devotion to duty. If you need someone to watch over the company bankroll, ask someone of this profile to do it. Not a penny will be gone when you come back or they'll be dead on the floor having given their life to protect the money bag.

"Dutiful Inspectors" will usually express their innermost feelings only with those closest to them. They simply don't feel a need or a usefulness to express such nner convictions. For this reason, others may see them as cold and uncaring.

This personality type makes wonderful inspectors and auditors. They are very aware of the physical world around them. Few details get past them. They are champions at knowing exactly what needs to be done and how long it will take to complete the job. If something is beyond the bounds of procedure, watch out! They'll find it in the blink of an eye and correct the culprit with little mercy. There's a place for everything and everything has its place.


Personal Secrets

  • Are usually very thorough in their work.
  • Have a knack of being in touch with the real world and sensitive to needs of others.
  • Have great ability to carry out instructions.
  • Very dependable employees & co-workers.
  • Very hospitable Make very loyal friends and spouses.
  • Well organized and good team players.
  •   Weaknesses
  • Can be critical of those closest to them.
  • Feelings may be easily hurt.
  • May be short sighted, unable to see the big picture.
  • Needs proof before moving into action.
  • Reluctant to change.
  • Vulnerable to despair and gloom.
  •   Suitable Jobs
    • account executive
    • alcohol-drug counselor
    • assistant dentist dietitian
    • athletic coach bilingual
    • attendant funeral
    • banker
    • counselor customer
    • director home health aid
    • economics teacher
    • ed. teacher child care
    • elementary teacher
    • ed. teacher child care
    • elementary teacher
    • family physician flight
    • human resources
    • insurance agent
    • LPN
    • massage therapist
    • medical assistant
    • medical secretary
    • merchandise planner
    • minister
    • merchandise planner
    • minister
    • nurse
    • nutritionist
    • office manager
    • optician
    • optometrist
    • paralegal personal
    • provider counselor credit
    • services rep dental

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