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User Test Results

User Name: macee
Test Date: Sep 7 2023 10:09AM
Test Result: Green Group. Completitive Users of Tools



Creative Users of Tools

"Completitive Users of Tools"

"Creative Promoters" are spontaneous, outgoing and full of life. They live for today. After all, tomorrow may never come. If it does come, that's even better. They'll be the first in line to soak it up-especially if it sounds fun and exciting.

They can be fierce competitors. They dare you to run faster or climb higher than they can. Of course, the dare is a calculated, intelligent one. They are good at picking up on the competitor's weaknesses and exploiting them to victory.

Business is a game, too. They are seen by others to be at the head of the pack, at the right place at the right time. They have a great need to act upon their impulses and feel stifled when those in authority put the breaks on. For this reason, they often clash with authority. Formal education can be stifling as well for these people. Most of them would much rather rely on real world experience as their teacher.

To this personality type their "gut feelings" speak loudly. Because they aren't afraid to act, they'll jump at what seems to be a good opportunity. If they crash and burn, oh well. They dust themselves off, respectfully wink at the victor and move on to the next thrill.


Personal Secrets

  • Able to improvise.
  • Can be good team players.
  • Can be very creative and artistic.
  • Easy going.
  • Flexible.
  • Fun to be around.
  • Good communicators.
  • Optimistic.
  •   Weaknesses
  • Can be impulsive.
  • Less organized.
  • May act before thinking through the full situation.
  • May not complete the task.
  • May not see the importance or urgency of certain matters.
  • May procrastinate.
  • May run from or ignore real problems.
  •   Suitable Jobs
    • alcohol-drug counselor
    • athletic coach
    • child welfare counselor
    • child-care provider
    • comedian
    • dancer
    • dental assistant
    • dental hygienist
    • dietitian
    • dog obedience trainer
    • EMT
    • ER nurse
    • exercise physiologist
    • ER nurse
    • exercise physiologist
    • film producer
    • home health aid
    • LPN
    • marine biologist
    • massage therapist
    • musician
    • nutritionist
    • occupational therapist
    • optician
    • Optometrist
    • pharmacy tech
    • Optometrist
    • pharmacy tech
    • photographer
    • physical therapist
    • primary care physician
    • promoter
    • radiological tech
    • social worker
    • special ed. teacher
    • special events coordinator
    • teacher - early childhood and Elementary
    • veterinarian

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