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User Name: Unknown
Test Date: Apr 27 2023 4:13PM
Test Result: Blue Group. People Motivators



Friendly Visionary

"People Motivators"

People and ideas energize "People Motivators." New people and new ideas are even more fun. "Friendly," "enjoyable" and "softhearted" are good words to describe them. Interpersonal skills are highly developed. They want to be in the center of everything. They may require reassurance that they are in fact wonderful and interesting people and they want other people around most of the time

Attention span, for both ideas and people, can be very short. While they genuinely like almost everyone, they may forget that you are there if a new idea or new person comes along.

The ringing phone is the priority.

They can be very informed regarding many areas. Brainstorming could well be their best activity. New, unconventional, and original ideas flow like a waterfall from their minds. They have the uncanny ability to come up with three or four different versions of a new idea before the rest of the group has digested the original thought. When it comes time to implement the idea they are often not around - they are now on to bigger and better things.

Deadlines make good starting points for them. Procrastination is the cause and missed deadlines are the effect.

Since everything is possible, saving the world is a reasonable objective. In their view, it could be saved in only a "few days." If they become involved in something interesting or exciting they could focus on the subject for many, many hours and not recognize how much time has passed.

They aren't likely to have many enemies because of their easy going, flexible nature and their genuine interest to serve others. They can, however, become impatient and annoyed if their ideas are restricted.

Internal feelings and convictions are very strong and they will persuade others to their point of view. Those close to them often get caught up in the energy of their new ideas and optimism.

They can be very good storytellers and humorists.


Personal Secrets

  • Can sense the motives and desires of others.
  • Creative problem solvers.
  • Have great ability to motivate and inspire others.
  • Have highly developed interpersonal skills.
  • Possess great ability to teach others.
  • Will go to great lengths to protect friends.
  •   Weaknesses
  • Feelings may be easily hurt.
  • May be over emotional.
  • May not complete the task.
  • May too often carry the burdens of others on their own shoulders.
  • Moody.
  • Tend to idealize relationships.
  •   Suitable Jobs
    • account executive
    • advertising executive
    • alcohol-drug counselor
    • audiologist
    • bilingual ed. teacher
    • business executive
    • career counselor
    • child welfare worker
    • clergy
    • college professor
    • communications
    • dean of students
    • dietitian
    • early ed. teacher
    • editor of magazine
    • employment counselor
    • editor of magazine
    • employment counselor
    • entertainer or artist
    • facilitator
    • fund-raiser
    • graphic designer
    • holistic health
    • housing director
    • interpreter
    • ministry
    • newscaster
    • nonprofit organization
    • nutritionist
    • occupational therapist
    • personal counselor
    • politician
    • personal counselor
    • politician
    • program designer
    • psychologist
    • public relations
    • recreational director
    • recruiter
    • sales manager
    • sales trainer
    • social worker
    • special ed teacher
    • speech pathologist
    • teacher - health (art)
    • travel agent
    • TV producer
    • writer or journalist

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